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Reliability and Security

Data Center

It lodges your servant in safe surroundings, with an infrastructure of high quality and secures a peak efficiency without you cut
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Connection to main network

Premium connection

Direct connection to the main network of Internet thanks to carrier Networks Air.
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Totally to your disposition.

Total control

You yourself you will choose and manage your own equipment with the highest benefits, benefitting to you from all the advantages of our facilities.
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Manos Remotas

Technical service

If you have some problem you can contact with us through telephone or email.
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Tariffs Housing 100 Mbps

Space in U Quota of Discharge Price/Month
1 U 0,00€ 129,00€
Or additional 0,00€ 49,00€*
Transference --- Limitless

Valid tariffs for same chasis*

1 Gbps prices Housing

Space in U Quota of Discharge Price/Month
1 U 0,00€ 79,00€
Or additional 0,00€ 49,00€ **
Transference --- 3,50€/Megabyte (95th)

Valid tariffs for a same chassis **

Other Services

Service Price/Month
Feeding (Kw/h) and Refrigeration 0,21€
Additional IP11,00€
1 Hour on watch Technical 40,00€ ***

Reinicio or Reseteo and Selección is gratuitous ***

Facilities outposts

It lodges your servant in our Data Center, where he will enjoy more the outposts facilities as far as physical security, control of temperature and humidity, security against fires and availability of electrical energy.

The best response time

With the direct connection to the main network of Internet we guaranteed the best possible response time.

Total control

You will choose and manage his own equipment with the highest benefits, benefitting from all the advantages of our facilities.

Guaranteed availability 99,99%

With our duplexed systems, we guaranteed the availability of your equipment in a 99.9%

Technical endorsement

You will be able to count on the technical endorsement of our professionals when you ask for it, solving all those doubts that are to our reach.


Gratuitous Firewall for all our clients, protecting to your servant of possible attacks towards its machine.

Safe surroundings

With our control of access, temperature and humidity and security against fires, we make of our Data Center a safe place for your servant.

Grantía Servihosting

Technical support 24/7/365

Our team of professionals will take care of your doubts and they will attend to you in which you need and at any time.

Flexibility of payment

We offer diverse ways to you to confront your projects, it chooses your form of payment and it begins to form your project.

Availability 99,9%

High availability thanks to the redundancy of network and feeding, so that nothing stops to you.