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Policy of Cookies

What are the Cookies?

A cookie is a file that unloading in the computer/smartphone/tablet of the user when acceding to certain webpages to store and to recover information on the navigation that takes place from this equipment.

SERVIHOSTING NETWORKS specifically uses in this website the strictly necessary cookies for the benefit of certain services asked for by the user, Thanks to the cookies we remembered your preferences, so that if you decide to visit to us again, we can offer one better experience to you online.

It is in your hands deciding if you allow or not cookies them, but you decide to deactivate them, you will not be able to receive our contents and services correctly.

How you can deactivate the Cookies?

You will be able, at any time, to choose what cookies want that they work in this website by means of the configuration of the navigator that you use, for example:

What type of Cookies uses the portal of SERVIHOSTING NETWORKS?

The cookies that are used in this portal as well as its typology and function are the used ones by Google Analytics. This one is a service of analysis Web developed by Google, that allows the measurement and analysis of navigation in the different webpages. So that in your navigator you will be able to observe several types of cookies of this service: own cookies, of session and analysis.

You can find more information on the matter and disqualify the use of these cookies in: www.google.es/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html

In no case information is obtained on the personal data of the user, guaranteeing the trusteeship of the privacy of the people who sail by the Web. The information that is obtained has a strictly statistical purpose: number of users who accede to the Web, number of seen pages, frequency and repetition of the visits, its duration, the used navigator, the operator that the service gives, the language, the terminal that uses, or the city to which is assigned its direction IP.